Year Event
1898 Machine-manufacturing of Somen begins in Banshu. Thirty-three members manufacture 16,000 boxes.
1906 Trademarks (Sanshin’noito and Ibonoito) registered
1909 At the association’s model plant, analysis of materials/products, training and technical guidance for workers, and study of the use of machines are conducted.
1924 National Federation of Noodle-Making Trade Associations formed, with its Secretariat based in Tatsuno
1935 To avoid consumers’ confusion between hand-stretched Somen and machine-made Somen, machine-made Somen manufacturers leave the association. Renamed as the Banshu Tenobe Somen Trade Association
1945 WWII ends in August. 120,000 boxes produced
1962 To standardize the quality of wheat flour (materials), waterwheel milling is abolished to introduce the machine mill. Renamed as the Hyogo Prefecture Tenobe Somen Association
1966 The Japan Federation of Tenobe Somen Associations established, with its Secretariat based in Tatsuno
1976 Trademarks for Banshu Tenobe Somen consolidated into Ibonoito
1979 Storage capacity increased to accommodate one million boxes
1987 Centennial anniversary of the association’s founding
1992 Mentech Hayashida established for manufacturer training and noodle-making research
1993 In order to standardize the level of quality, improve manufacturing techniques, and hand down the traditional manufacturing process, establishment of the Hand-Stretched Noodle Artisans requested from the Ministry of Labour. National examination for tenobe noodle-making begins
1997: Somen-no-Sato Ibonoito Museum opens in April
2003 Shingu Warehouse completed (multi-storey automated warehouse with tracking function)