Boiling Process

Serving Ideas

Ibonoito SomenHealthy and delicious. Just sprinkle in your ideas and Somen can be a real treat! Add some fruits and vegetables of the season, mix with seafood and seaweed with appetizing sesame sauce, or cook it like Italian spaghetti for a voluminous dish. Matches perfectly with a spicy hot tomato sauce, or with your children’s favorite curry flavor! Served hot with toppings and garnishes of your choice – Somen can be cooked in any flavor that you desire. What will be on your menu today?

Boiling – the Most Important Process

Five Reasons for Using Hand-Stretched Somen

Thin Somen goes perfectly with dipping sauce.
Firmness is maintained when boiled – Ideal for simmered or stir-fried foods.
Goes down smoothly
Going down smooth, Somen is perfect for all occasions.
The sight of white, lustrous Somen stimulates your appetite.
Hand-stretched Somen is tasty down to the last bite.
Ibonoito Somen