Secret Flavor

Secret Flavor Somen Image

If you see Ibonoito Somen through a microscope, you’ll notice that gluten fibers (the protein in flour) are intricately arranged like a rope that keeps all of the starchy materials in. This is achieved by repeating the process of raising the dough and then twist-stretching, which is unique to the hand-stretched Somen manufacturing technique. The fine structure of the gluten fibers is the secret of Ibonoito Somen’s fine flavor.

The unique features of Ibonoito Somen – maintaining firmness when boiled, smooth and pleasant feel in the palate, and chewy but easily separated with the teeth – cannot be achieved with machine-manufactured Somen, other types of handmade noodles, or pasta, thus ensuring its high popularity for many years to come.

Hine Label

Hine (Reserve Stock)

Ibonoito Somen is manufactured during a limited time of the year. After being left to ripen for 12 months under strict control in the warehouse, it earns the title hine (Reserve stock).

Yaku Stocks

What is Yaku?

Yaku means to let the Somen to rise in the warehouse, and this process peaks during the rainy season in June/July. While in storage, enzymes in the flour cause both chemical and physical changes in the ingredients, creating a firmness and pleasant feel in the mouth.

Hand-Stretched Noodle Artisans Symbol Label

Hand-Stretched Noodle Artisans

The official qualification for the skilled and experienced manufacturers of hand-stretched Somen. Only those who pass a highly-selective national examination on manufacturing techniques and knowledge are qualified as such.